, MARCH 28 2022 Daniel Soares de Nexa: PERUMIN HUB is an important platform to present new projects and solutions for the sector

Through an interview granted to the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers, Daniel Soares, Corporate Chief of Innovation of Nexa, talked about the participation of the mining company in the Innovation Hub, within the framework of PERUMIN 35th Mining Convention.

1. What was the experience of participating in the PERUMIN Hub like?

The challenges posed in Perumin Hub were aligned with the ESG strategy (environmental, social and governance) of Nexa, with which we work every day to construct the mining of the future. This innovative program has grown increasingly necessary for the development of the sector and the country in general.

2. What are the main benefits that your company obtained?

We were able to become acquainted with innovative, highly mature solutions that are being successfully used in mining in other countries. Furthermore, it was very beneficial to use the visibility of PERUMIN to gain access to a broader ecosystem.

3. What are the most significant contributions that innovation offers in your field of work?

At Nexa we are committed to innovation and research because we know these are aspects that will promote the development of the mining and metallurgical sector. Our commitment to innovation and technology is long-standing, seeking to construct the mining of the future and to be more sustainable, minimizing the impact of our operations and contributing to the quality of life of our surrounding communities.

4. What innovation projects will Nexa develop this year? Give us two examples.

We have a portfolio with more than 60 projects related to innovation. In Peru, among the projects that stand out are those related to the use of batteries with 20 MW installed capacity for the efficient management of energy and studies are ongoing with hydrogen and biodiesel, aiming at reducing greenhouse gas effects.

We also have other projects in the social area, such as Tejiendo Futuros (weaving futures) which we developed with Runakay and where Pucayacu (Pasco) families receive training. They are engaged in the raising of alpacas and are taught how to improve the quality of the fiber, spin the yarn, weave, shear and classify so that they can make additional income. The closing of this initiative is scheduled for April.

5. What would you recommend to the next participants of this contest?

PERUMIN HUB is an important platform to present new projects and solutions for the mining sector. It is also an excellent opportunity to approach professionals of the mining sector, getting to know their needs and challenges. The sector requires solutions that generate positive impacts, solutions with a good degree of maturity and a business plan, anticipating the impact they may generate in financial, environmental, social and governance terms.

6. Invitation to companies to participate in the contest

PERUMIN HUB is a unique opportunity to obtain visibility and to achieve that more Peruvian companies become involved in this pursuit of mature solutions with great potential to benefit the sector and the country in general.

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