LIMA, SEPTEMBER 21 2021 Competitiveness is essential for Peru to attract mining capital

Juan Luis Krüger, CEO of Minsur, during Heading to PERUMIN, stressed that our country must be more competitive than other leading mining countries.


The role of mining as a catalyst for development in our country is fundamental and for this it is necessary for Peru to be more competitive than Chile, Canada and Australia, said Juan Luis Krüger, CEO of Minsur. "This requires ensuring the rule of law, as well as having clear rules, a stable framework and a sustainable industry," he said.

He gave as an example water management in the mining industry, where important progress had been achieved. "If we work according to competitiveness and sustainability, around social profitability, Peru will be able to take advantage of the great opportunity we have," he said.

Julia Torreblanca, VP of Corporate Affairs at Cerro Verde, mentioned that mining is a dynamic agent in the regions where it is developed, providing important investments and contributions to the national treasury.

"It gives us the opportunity to generate taxes and royalties, which help to generate infrastructure as in the case of water, a very important connecting agent for various activities, both in industry and in society," she said.

Torreblanca also indicated that there are multiple examples in recent decades in the areas of influence of mining projects and operations, which are a clear reference of social profitability, a term that has been coined by the current Government, she noted.

In turn, Baltazar Lantarón, regional governor of Apurímac, considered it extremely important to have a peaceful coexistence, with environmental care. "In the region, we value having a broad portfolio of construction works and the canon is important for this, but this resource should not be wasted," he said.

He mentioned that the commitment of business leaders, and the sector in general, should be to promote a new structure that is appropriate for these times, with which we can export, for example, processed mineral and not just concentrates.

Finally, Luis Rivera, Executive Vice President of Gold Fields for the Americas, indicated that there will be a real demand for base metals and this will grow according to the requirements that arise.

"Mining is a long-term industry, with great capital expenditure and engineering challenges, which are changing all the time. If these aspects are not seen to contribute to the sector, various projects, even in early stages, will not be able to be carried out", he said.

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