LIMA, SEPTEMBER 22 2021 Compañía Minera Poderosa modernizes water management in communities of influence

In order to efficiently manage, operate and maintain water and sanitation services in the towns of the Pataz district, in the region of La Libertad, Compañía Minera Poderosa launched various actions to promote the formalization of the JASS (Sanitation Services Administration Boards), whose efficient water management model has been recognized by the National Superintendency of Sanitation Services (Sunass).

"We support the formalization of the JASS to strengthen the management of drinking water for the population. This program also included improving water purification, promoting a culture of paying a differentiated tariff among the population, maintening drinking water systems in good conditions and preventing socio-environmental conflicts", said Poderosa’s Socio-Environmental coordinator, Nilo Villanueva, at Heading to PERUMIN.

Poderosa continues to provide technical advice to the JASS to ensure the sustainability of water and sanitation services in the thirteen towns and outlying areas that make up the Pataz district, through participatory flow monitoring, participatory monitoring of the system's infrastructure and water quality monitoring.

Currently, the most successful JASSs belong to Pueblo Nuevo, Zarumilla and Chuquitambo, where the water and sanitation service benefits more than 2,500 residents.

Nilo Villanueva acknowledged that the modernization of the JASS was complicated at the beginning, because there was resistance to the purification process due to the change in the taste of the water and the introduction of a consumption rate. However, this was resolved thanks to compliance with MINSA’s maximum permissible limits and the promotion of a payment culture through informative workshops.

"Today the JASS have a water use license; collection and user registry software; SAP administration, operation and maintenance manual; and internships to successful projects. Part of the income from the service charge is used for infrastructure maintenance. Social conflicts due to drinking water problems in the area have practically disappeared", said Poderosa’s Socio-Environmental Coordinator.

In the last two years, Sunass recognized the good rural sanitation practices of the JASS of Pueblo Nuevo (2020) and Zarumilla (2021).

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