Lima, APRIL 7 2022 Claudia Cooper: PERUMIN 35 will be an ecofriendly event that will revalue the Quechua language

PERUMIN 35 will consolidate as a great event with zero carbon footprint and will revalue the Quechua language for the translation of its presentations; furthermore, it will promote a broader agenda for the analysis of gender and diversity topics and the transition to cleaner energy sources.

This was explained by its President during a presentation ceremony held this past Wednesday, April 6, with the participation of the members of the Organizing Committee of PERUMIN 35 and the Board of Directors of the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers at the Country Club Lima Hotel.

“The country requires honest, talented, hard-working citizens, committed to the national development. As an industry, we have many features to show the society and an adequate way is to do it through PERUMIN 35 – Building together a greater Peru”, she commented.

The renowned economist pointed out that PERUMIN 35 will be once more the main space for the convergence of multiple actors, to promote the economic and social development of the country, the analysis of the challenges that mining faces and the dissemination of new knowledge and technologies.

Within the framework of the Mining Convention, traditional spaces will be again taken up, such as the Mining Summit, to discuss opportunities and challenges posed for the Peruvian mining; the TIS Forum, for the exchange of knowledge and technical training; and EXTEMIN, the technological and mining exhibition.

“We will also carry out recognition programs for entrepreneurships that have a positive impact on the communities and the mining sector, through PERUMIN Inspira and PERUMIN Hub, respectively, in alliance with leading institutions such as Kunan and the Mining Innovation Hub”, she added.

PERUMIN 35 will be held from the 26th to the 36th of September 2022, at the Cerro Juli Convention Center, in the city of Arequipa.

Biosafety measures

Claudia Cooper emphasized that PERUMIN 35 will offer the biosafety securities to comply with current regulations, safeguarding the allowed capacity limits and the ventilation, disinfection, and distancing measures, as well as the verification of negative Covid tests.

“Great efforts are being displayed at conceptual and logistic level; with regard to institutional and international relations; as to coordinating with participating companies, convention participants, national and foreign authorities, exhibitors and others”, she indicated.

Economic driving force

Meanwhile, she commented that the Mining Convention means for Arequipa a driving force, boosting tourism, gastronomy, transportation services, hotel occupation, and other sectors that suffered severely by the effects of the pandemic.

“After two years of distancing between us, we have this first and new opportunity to show that from our place in mining we can keep on building a greater Peru. We need your support, your commitment and your cooperation for that”, she underscored.

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