Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde is testing seven Ultra Class trucks provided by two well-known manufacturers for ore hauling activities at their current operating pits, Cerro Verde and Santa Rosa,” anticipated Mine General Manager, Eng. Tomás Gonzales, in Rumbo a Perumin.

“These are seven mining trucks from two world-renowned manufacturers, of 400-ton load capacity and efficient consumption electric motor. We will eventually determine which of the two manufacturers we will keep,” commented the expert at the event held in the auditorium of the Universidad Nacional de San Agustín (UNSA). 

He envisioned, in the long term, that these mining trucks might fit into the Trolley, the Driver assist system technology, to operate uninterruptedly on electrical energy as source of propulsion, and attach it to a resistant pantograph to guarantee increased uptime and reduced maintenance and/or repair costs.  

On the other hand, he underscored the technology installed in Cerro Verde’s mining equipment and machinery that allow to monitor the conditions of the shovel’s bucket teeth, supervise truck driver’s levels of fatigue and distraction as well as drill’s remote-control operation, among other technological leaps.

“Our Dispatch control system compiles information from different sources as per operators’ criteria. Nevertheless, we want to move toward advanced analytics so that data consolidation and analysis plus production of recommendations and execution of actions become automated,” he foresaw.

He also emphasized that Cerro Verde is one of the lowest-grade copper mining operations in Peru (0.36% Cu and 0.014% Mo); therefore, innovation and technology in their processes are both a priority, aiming to a strip ratio of 1:1 to ensure the business stays profitable throughout its useful life.

“Cerro Verde has almost 4 billion metric tons of mineral reserves and has extended the period for its activities up to 2045. We move one million tons of material a year and process 400,000 tons of mineral, thus becoming one of Peru’s largest producers of copper ore and cathodes,” he outlined.

Culture and Innovation

Lastly, the Mine General Manager said that Cerro Verde’s program Innova received 1,515 ideas about technological innovation from their workers, out of which 231 were implemented. Among the ideas were proposals related to sustainable development, safe production, operational and labor excellence, and cost management.

“We are one of the mining companies with the highest number of patents recognized by Indecopi in Perú; 9 in total. Two of them are: a hoist and mounting system for ball mill liners, and a guided main axis system for rotating primary crushers,” underscored Tomás Gonzales in Rumbo a PERUMIN 35.

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