LIMA, SEPTEMBER 23 2021 Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan presented as a guide for sustainable mining

  • Melanie Campbell, president of the secretariat of the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan, pointed out that Peru is in seventh position in the ranking of countries with Canadian mining assets.

On the third day of Keynote Speeches during the central event of Heading to PERUMIN - Bicentennial Edition, the president of the secretariat of the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan, Melanie Campbell, presented the Canadian Plan 2020, an ambitious and sustainable project for the development of its mining industry, which has allowed it to be a global industry leader.

Campbell explained the workings and key ideas of the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan (CMMP), an initiative that results from extensive participation and involvement of the national government, Canadian regions, industry, indigenous peoples and other stakeholders, to pursue the the North American country’s top mining priorities.

The development of the CMMP began in 2017, following a sectoral assessment, where concerns were raised in critical areas: exploration plans fell, as did mining projects and overall investment in Canada.

"Since the implementation of the CMMP, we received more than 146 dedicated mining industry connections with communities and 2,070 online activities for analysis development, in which we were presented with official proposals of ideas for future projects," says Campbell.

The CMMP is a proposal launched by the Canadian Ministry of Mines itself, in collaboration with a solid alliance with the mining sector and stakeholders committed to the industry. This is why in 2020, the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau included the CMMP in the activities of Canada’s 2020 Action Plan, a compendium of activities based on 6 strategic points of sustainable work.

These include economic development and competitiveness; increased participation of the indigenous community, with a plan to respect rights, dialogues and consensus; environmental protection, with waste reduction and the search for new renewable energy sources ; science, technology and innovation, to promote the innovative ecosystem; good relations with the communities; and, finally, to create a global leadership equivalent, with good business practices.

Canada in Peru

"Canada has a significant presence in the international mining industry. In 2019, Canadian junior and senior companies had a presence in 96 countries with mining assets valued at CAD 86 billion. Peru is a potential mining powerhouse that offers stable economies, developed infrastructure and a strong mining industry,” says Campbell.

To this, the president of the CMMP secretariat adds that there are 12 foreign mining projects with significant investment in the country, with 57 Canadian exploration projects and mining companies present and with a total of CAD 9.4 billion in mining assets.

"The CMMP was designed not only with the idea of the success of the mining industry in mind, but also with the social impact that it produces. Social consideration should serve to develop support for the well-being of all Canadians", Campbell concluded in his presentation of the CMMP to the Peruvian mining sector at the Heading to PERUMIN event.

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