Cajamarca, FEBRUARY 11 2022 Cajamarca could receive more than S/ 2,400 million in royalties and fiscal redistribution (canon minero) in 2031

This Wednesday, the 10th, a press conference was held for the official launching of Rumbo a PERUMIN in Cajamarca, which had the participation of the director of the Center for Competitiveness and Development, Rudy Laguna, who explained the current situation of mining activity and the opportunities it represents for bridging the socio-economic gaps in this region.

Thus, he highlighted that the startup of Conga, Galeno, Michiquillay and La Granja would enable Cajamarca to multiply its copper production by 29 and to double its gold production, which by the end of 2019, amounted to 32,651 metric tons of copper and 680,000 ounces of gold.

In addition, he pointed out that these mining projects, once they are in operation, will increase 8 times the revenues for the department of Cajamarca towards 2031, on account of the fiscal redistribution (canon minero) and royalties.

Likewise, the execution of the portfolio of mining projects will create job positions directly and indirectly, for more people and will benefit their families, causing a favorable impact on close to 3.7 million of the Cajamarca population.

“We are committed to useful and responsible mining that generates benefits and becomes an economic and sustainable development driving force and which contributes to enhancing the living standards of the people. To achieve that, it is necessary to build consensus”, he indicated.

Eng. Miguel Cardozo detailed that the new edition of Rumbo a PERUMIN will be a high-level meeting and will bring together representatives from the Government, businesses, academia and civil society in an effort to analyze and debate the present of mining in Cajamarca, the opportunities of the sector for the communities and the challenges for the social and economic development of the region.

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