LIMA, SEPTEMBER 20 2021 BISA Ingeniería de Proyectos presented BIM technology for the comprehensive modeling of mining projects

In Heading to PERUMIN, the benefits of the BIM technological tool for comprehensive 3D modeling of mining assets were presented. The demonstration was carried out by the company BISA Ingeniería de Proyectos.


Paul Rodríguez Vizcarra, head of Technology Discipline at BISA Ingeniería de Proyectos, said that BIM is a shared digital representation of an asset to facilitate the design, construction and operation processes in order to provide a reliable basis for making the best decisions. "It goes beyond simple software, since it integrates methodologies, technologies, standards and complex infrastructure", he said.

He said that BIM currently intervenes in various areas of a mining company, such as processes, electrical instrumentation, pipes, mechanics, geotechnics, concrete, structures and architecture, being of great support for the modeling of process plants, filtering and flotation of minerals, as well as in much more specific cases such as the simulation of mechanical parts. In addition, it uses digital point clouds to study and model the engineering of those projects already built and in operation.

"BIM has three key components: processes, referring to standards and procedures, project design and delivery management, and information management. Another of its key components is technology, with which we perform the simulation, interoperability and integration of the project. But the most important component is people, where leadership, collaboration, commitment and skills must be paramount. The conjunction of these three components provides the first step for the success of BIM in a mining project", he said.

He also mentioned that this technological tool can be applied from the moment the project is put out to tender, and then become involved in the planning and production stages with the generation of digital models available on a common data platform (CDE), which can be accessed by the design team and the client to exchange points of view and carry out an exhaustive follow-up of any incidents that may arise during the engineering and construction phase.


"With BIM, we can also efficiently manage our assets at the procurement stage to know the status of acquisitions. In addition, it helps us evaluate projects and tradeoffs by capturing site data and studying development proposals at the pre-feasibility level. Another of its capabilities is the generation of construction sequencing models to verify the project execution schedule day by day, as well as digital models to design access to the operation and the space for maintenance", he said.

Paul Rodríguez added that it is often difficult for the owner to visualize the progress of the projects using only blueprints, but with BIM it is all different because it allows them to see the real scope of the design and the processes being completed. "BIM offers the best guarantees to managers and clients that the design and construction project of an asset will meet all their objectives and requirements," he said.

Finally, he summarized that with the application of BIM technology to mining projects and any other industry, improvements in costs, times and quality are obtained; communications and project understanding are streamlined; document errors and omissions, construction costs and project duration are reduced; and RFIs, claims and litigation are minimized, among other benefits.

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