ÁNCASH, SEPTEMBER 17 2021 Antamina reaffirms its commitment to support initiatives that promote the development of the inhabitants of Ancash region

Compañía Minera Antamina celebrates 20 years of commercial operations, during which it has been a committed neighbor on the social front, with the aim of contributing to the local sustainable development of the inhabitants of Áncash. 

Faced with the new challenges posed by social isolation, since 2020, various communities in Áncash have participated virtually in productive, agricultural and livestock programs promoted by Antamina. 

●    As a result, the Valle de Huarmey - Culebras Agricultural Cooperative (HuarmeyCoop) began the asparagus harvesting campaign on 73 hectares of its land, with 250 producers and 177 tons of production, within the framework of the health emergency. 

●    Furthermore, the Cajacay livestock project in Valle Fortaleza, has made progress in the production of dairy products (cheese, yogurt, manjar blanco, among others), thanks to training in the placement of cultivated pasture and the genetic improvement of livestock (animal health and artificial insemination).

●    Since 2019, the commercial positioning of the dairy corridor in the southern part of the region was strengthened, led by specialized livestock organizations. The Carhuasaqui Agrarian Cooperative , made up of 132 members from the districts of Aquia, Huasta and Carcas de Chiquián and the ASPALL Association of Huallanca are part of the wide variety of high quality cheese production offered by the Ancash region. 

●    Finally, in San Marcos, about 220 producers specialized in high-tech guinea pig production, as a result of constant training for breeding and marketing, obtaining certifications in good livestock practices. 

Antamina continues to contribute to the strengthening and care of the welfare and social development of the communities in its operating area of influence.

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