LIMA, SEPTEMBER 22 2021 A shared vision is necessary to contribute to the sustainability and competitiveness of Peru

A large part of the challenge facing mining today is how to manage the dialogue with the communities, since the current mechanism has not achieved the fluidity that the industry needs.

During the panel of the "Competitiveness and Sustainability" block at Heading to PERUMIN - Bicentennial Edition, the ambassador of the United Kingdom in Peru, Kate Harrison, explained that "a shared vision is needed, which involves is trust, in order to contribute to sustainability and competitiveness".

To this end, she indicated, "it is of utmost importance that this occurs among the various sectors, not only at the level of each project, but also at the level of the region and the country (...) In the case of Peru, there are natural issues that can contribute to the growth of the country, a wealth that can even help mining".

At another point, Ricardo Porto, CEO of Nexa Resources in Peru, noted that the mining industry is a little different from other economic sectors, given that "we do not compete between companies, what we do is seek a better relationship with the communities and, at the same time, with the whole country".

"The more sustainable companies are, the more prepared they will be for crises, and the pandemic has shown us this in a very clearly. In Peru, companies such as Nexa Resources –which promote actions in this regard– have been able to overcome the challenges that the current situation has brought us," he said.

For her part, Paola Bustamante, director of Videnza, stressed that there is something that contributes to the environment: the management of environmental liabilities. "In that area, it is necessary for the State to act in a concrete way, because this is a priority."

"Likewise, planning in the territory must be done, firstly, by the State, with the Ministry of Energy and Mines at the helm to try to close some of the existing gaps", said Paola Bustamante.

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