LIMA, SEPTEMBER 21 2021 A private company could manage a train in the southern Andean-Marcona mining node, says Minem

The Minister of Resources and Water of Australia, Keith Pitt, highlighted that more than 90 Australian mining and service companies are present in Peru, where they have invested around USD 6,000 million.

The Minister of Energy and Mines (Minem), Iván Merino, highlighted that one of the infrastructure projects that his office will promote is the construction of a railway between the southern Andean node and the port of Marcona, on the central Peruvian coast.

During his presentation at Heading to PERUMIN, the head of Minem pointed out that the execution, construction and management stages are currently being defined. Along these lines, he specified that the current government administration has considered owning the project and appointing a private party to manage the project.

"We are interested in having the State as the owner and a private company as the manager, thus giving us the profits to carry out development projects in other areas," said Iván Merino.

In the block "Peruvian Mining in the Medium and Long Term", which takes place on the first day of the central event of Headint to PERUMIN, the head of Minem also said that one of his priorities for the short term will be to reduce bureaucratic procedures.

"We are going to analyze the procedures of the energy and mines sector in order to simplify them and achieve a single window," he said.

While in the medium term the plan is to achieve a "single window at the State level," Merino said. "We are going to seek consensus at the central government level and in order to achieve a single State window. For this we must reach consensus with ministries such as Environment, Agriculture and various agencies because this window would facilitate investment processes," he said.

Regarding the mining project portfolio, Iván Merino commented that there is currently a portfolio of 44 projects (in the construction, detailed engineering, feasibility and pre-feasibility phases) with a global investment of USD 50 billion.

At this point, the official commented that he has recently met with the owners of the Pampa de Pongo mining project because they have proposed to modify its exploitation structure from open pit to underground.

"This change seems good to us and we are going to support whatever is necessary," he said.

Presence of Australia

In this dialogue space entitled "Peruvian Mining in the Medium and Long Term", the Australian Minister of Resources and Water, Keith Pitt, also participated and highlighted that more than 90 Australian mining and service companies are present in Peru, where they have invested around USD 6 billion.

Similarly, he stressed that the world economy is expected to expand by 6% in 2021 and 4.4% in 2022; a situation that will represent an opportunity for basic resources.

"Base metal prices have risen again above the levels reached just before the pandemic and are expected to rise as global industrial activity recovers further," said Keith Pitt.

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