Cajamarca, FEBRUARY 10 2022 34% of the Cajamarca population currently benefits from mining

The benefits of mining activity in Cajamarca reach 34% of the regional population, with impact on 496,000 persons through direct and indirect employment (124,000 persons) and their families (372,000 persons) as reported in the study “Economic and social impact of mining in Cajamarca”, prepared by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP) and the Center for Competitiveness and Development (CCD) presented in a press conference as part of the activities of Rumbo a PERUMIN.

The analysis also points out that mining has had valuable participation in reducing regional poverty, from 77% in 2002 to 51% in 2019 (26 percentage points less). This was the result of the mining investment levels, the execution of public works with funds from fiscal redistribution (canon minero) and royalties, in addition to the social programs and funds that the industry deploys in the region. The study indicates that mining investment in Cajamarca during the period 2004 to 2020, amounts to an accumulated total of US$ 7,500 million.

“Mining activity is currently the second in importance for the region, accounting for 15.4% of its GDP. It is surpassed by the Services sector (24% of the regional GDP) and followed by Agriculture (13.1%) Construction (10.8%) Commerce (9.6%) Manufacturing (6.9%) and Transport and Communications (6.8%)”, explained Rudy Laguna, economist and Director of the CCD.

Abundant income for the region

Also, according to the study of the CCD and IIMP, mining has generated income of more than S/ 7,900 million for the Cajamarca region in the past 20 years (2001 – 2021) through transfers from fiscal redistribution (canon minero) royalties and the so-called Mining Solidarity Program for the People.

“We are talking of S/ 32.9 million per month, approximately, which constitutes a significant source of income for the development of the region, provinces and districts of Cajamarca. These resources need to be used to benefit the population and to bridge the existing gaps in health, education, water and sanitation, connectivity, among others”, pointed out Engineer Miguel Cardozo, President of Rumbo a PERUMIN and Vice President of the IIMP.

Thus, emblematic projects have been developed in the region, such as the improvement and expansion of the potable water systems, sewerage and wastewater treatment of the main cities of the department of Cajamarca and Jaén, for an amount of S/ 436 million. There is also the construction of south zone market of Cajamarca, for S/ 23 million, the livestock market of the city of Cajamarca, for S/ 20 million, the program for the reduction of chronic child malnutrition in the region, for S/ 18 million, the enhancement of the road network across the department and in the districts of the region of Cajamarca, for S/ 7 million, among others.

Rumbo a PERUMIN in Cajamarca

In dialogue with the press, Engineer Cardozo announced the development of a new event Rumbo a PERUMIN, called “Consensuses for the development of Cajamarca”, which forms part of the decentralized activities that are taking place prior to the main event, the PERUMIN 35 Mining Convention, that will be held on site, in September of this year, in the city of Arequipa.

“As Peruvians, we must be aware of the implications of our mining industry, analyze its impact in the country and debate on its role for the future of Peru. Thus, we expect that these dialogue days will be an opportunity to exchange ideas between authorities, representatives from the companies, the academia, specialists and other”, expressed Miguel Cardozo.

The event Rumbo a PERUMIN Cajamarca will be held on the 16th and 17th of February and there will be free access through the platforms of IIMP and PERUMIN.

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