Lima, JUNE 16 2022 Mining sector should transition from just extracting resources to industrializing them, stated former governor of Puno

  • Mauricio Rodríguez also said that there is a pressing need for a reform of the State to improve public spending capacity

Lima, June 16, 2022. During Rumbo a PERUMIN, Southeastern Peru Edition, former regional governor of Puno Mauricio Rodríguez emphasized the need for the mining sector to transition from mineral extraction to mineral transformation in order to make the extracted resources more appealing to the market, and thereby boost economic and social development in Peru.

“The industry should transform the mineral resources it extracts instead of selling them as concentrates because a country will only develop if it creates added value, and, if Peru does not create it, we will only be primary goods exporters,” stated Rodríguez during his participation in the Mining Thursday event.

He highlighted that Puno, where the world’s sixth largest lithium carbonate deposit has recently been discovered, should focus on the future of white gold, given its high price in the market and the commercial takeoff of modern electric vehicles.

“Puno is planning to undertake a lithium battery manufacturing and commercialization venture to increase added value, and thus allow other productive sectors to take advantage of it. We need to give a big boost to industrialization in order to make in our country the tools the world needs,” he said.

 Urgent reform of the State

On the other hand, Mauricio Rodríguez claimed that Peru is in dire need of a deep reform of the public administration system to modernize the public spending capacity of the authorities and thereby close education, health, transportation, and nutrition gaps using resources coming from fiscal redistribution and royalties paid by mining companies.

Furthermore, he asked that the central government activate all the decentralized executing units to accelerate the investment in public projects, and that the latter be managed under the modality Work for Direct Management so that they can be executed with the entity’s own resources.

Rumbo a PERUMIN is a decentralized virtual event that promotes a multidisciplinary, technical, and democratic discussion about mining-related matters and about the opportunities the industry offers for the development of the regions of Peru.

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