Lima, JUNE 23 2022 Coordinator of Provías in Puno: “We need planning to tap into mining resources”

  • Nicolás Luza, coordinator of Provías in Puno, underlined the benefits that good planning could bring to the country 

Lima, June 23, 2022. During the conference Rumbo a PERUMIN—which was devoted to studying the progress made in terms of infrastructure in the regions of Apurímac, Cusco, and Puno—Nicolás Luza, zonal coordinator of Provías in Puno, highlighted the importance of planning and articulating actions at a local, regional, and national government level to foster infrastructure development in the southern regions of the country.

“Sustainable mining goes hand in hand with development, with social and environmental projects. To make proper use of the resources it generates, the country needs planning and a long-term vision,” he affirmed.

He also commented on the informal mining activity going on in Puno, which yields revenues, but does not comply with the laws or pay taxes to the State. He said they should get the necessary attention to help them become formal.

“Informal mining is important, especially in Puno and Juliaca, and the government should facilitate their becoming formal and paying taxes,” pointed out Luza.

Luza said that public entities, private entities, and the population must work jointly to take on the challenge of planning and setting a clear course to development, which also includes a course to the advancement of infrastructure projects that will provide access to different services.

 “In Puno there is a decadence of extremely important works, such as the gas pipeline, the wastewater treatment plants, and the solid waste problem. Besides, Puno is the region with the largest amount of fresh water, but this water is not used,” he added.

Finally, he said that corruption is destroying our country, which is in need of a future prospect to look forward to and work towards.

“We don’t have a vision, we don’t have a mission, we don’t know what kind of country we want to be. We are a disperse country in every aspect. We don’t know how to take advantage of what formal mining, or informal mining, generate,” he concluded.

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