BeeGOns! is a project created by teachers and students of the National University of Engineering (UNI), which seeks to take the first step to turn Lima into an intelligent city with the installation of the firsts sensors to measure the level of environmental pollution in real time and from the cellphone.

This innovation will operate through 10 modules that will be installed in the Jesús María district and, through the use of an app, will allow parents to decide to which park with the least pollution they can bring their children or, in the case of athletes, choose the route with purest air.

On its behalf, the municipality will be able to know more precisely which activities generate more pollution and where, to take the necessary measures.

The sensors can measure humidity, temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, among other parameters. Those interested in this technology can contact the university through the mail:



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