Almost 11 thousand guests of the last edition could come back this year.

The president of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Arequipa (Ahora), Norma Nagakawa, said that to date the accommodation of 60% of participants of the 34 Perumin Mining Convention 2019 is already booked.

The businesswoman indicated that she bases her calculations on the 11 thousand attendees who attended the event two years ago.

"We hope they are more, as they were several years ago, when it reached more than 14 thousand. In any case the hotel sector is making strong investments to keep standards high", she said.

She stipulates that at this time, the members of Ahora remodeled their facilities as part of the annual improvements of the business.

"A conventionist spends up to five times more than a normal tourist, so we have to have the facilities and services in the best conditions," she said.

While there are four five-star hotels in the city, there are at least 70 that have three stars.

INFORMAL. In that sense, for Norma Nagakawa the rental of houses in residential areas by participants of the Convention only encourages informality because these sectors are not part of productive chains of services, and only take advantage of the event without reporting benefits to the community.

"We pay taxes, we work under the rules and we employ people. That's why we are serious. Rentals only encourage informality and are not reliable, even if they are cheaper", said the representative.

Now she hopes that this year the expectation over the convention will attract more than 15 thousand travelers, as in the best editions of the event.

PERUMIN. The mining convention will take place between September 16 and 20 at the Cerro Juli Convention Center, after previous editions were hosted on the campus of the National University of San Agustín.

Previously, the organization has been developing the "Heading to Perumin" meetings to present innovation ideas related to the mining sector. Successful ventures will be awarded before the convention.


Source: Diario Correo

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