A crucial part of PERUMIN Mining Convention is the Mining Technology Exhibition -EXTEMIN, place for the exchange and technological updating of mining and for products and services providers, aimed at the most important sector of Peru.

EXTEMIN will have more than 1,400 stands organized into 7 pavilions including the Innovation Pavilion, an opportunity for the exhibitors to show their innovative ideas and projects, their culture for solving the challenges of their activities with innovation and the application of cutting-edge technology in their products, goods or services. They will demonstrate through their achievements that this practice benefits not only the mining industry, but also any economic sector.

This edition of EXTEMIN seeks to improve its dynamics with a professional proposal, oriented at training young people who will have the chance to collaborate with the exhibitors and gain in-depth knowledge of the latest equipment and products and innovative mining services and thus contribute to their dissemination.

May I express my gratitude in advance to all the exhibitors who will honor us with their presence at such an important exhibition. I am sure of the success of this new edition, that reflects within its concept the suggestions obtained from previous editions and seeks the excellence that our country demands.

I look forward to seeing you in PERUMIN 34, from 16th to 20th of September 2019!

Oscar Espinosa
President of the Mining Technology Exhibition– EXTEMIN 

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